Friday, 13 May 2011


I am sure many of us living on the west coast have not visited the beautiful east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. If one does have chance, he will find it a different kind of holiday experience, a holiday spent among the beauties of nature.
First, there are the hundreds of miles of unspoilt sandy beaches, white and clean with the
open blue sea greeting the visitors. Then, there is the lush, tropical greenery, the tall
coconut palms swaying gracefully in the breeze and charming rural villages where life is
unhurried, leisurely and peaceful. One is attracted by the riot of the brilliant colors of the
fruits and other foodstuffs at the market place, with busy Kelantanese selling their wares.
`Batik' and 'songket' are famous local products and tourists will not leave the place
without buying a few of these pieces as souvenirs.
Kelantanese cottage industries are of great variety. You can findsilve rsm ithsat work on
beautiful Kelantan jewellery or skilful craftsmen and womenfolk producing 'batik
sarungs' and the brilliant eye-catching 'kain songket'. Some men are busy engaged in the
making of giant kites or 'wau' which are of various shapes and colors. Kite-flying is an
important pastime in Kelantan, apart from top-spinning.
Lastly, the beautiful beach of Pantai Cinta Berahi is worth a visit, for you will see the
beach fringed withg ro v es of casuarina trees. A trip to Pasir Putih, a scenic spot that
abounds with waterfalls and fresh water springs is an unforgettable experience. life is totally unhurried and relaxing, making it a memorable holiday for you.

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