Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Secret Of Success

The UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM examination is just around the corner. All the students study really hard and all teachers will not miss even one class. They make sure that their students get good grades in the examination as it will decide what their future will be.
                But some students are lying around and do what they should not to. If they want to get excellent grades in the examination, they should not waste time. Wasting time doing bad and unhealthy activities such as watching television, playing computer games, surfing internet and listening to music all day would not make you smarter. It just makes you dumber. So, drop out these activities and use the time to do activities that are not beneficial like playing computers games at cybercaf√©, loitering at shopping mall and sucking cigarettes.
                You also must not miss classes. If you always miss a lot of classes, you will also miss the lessons that really important in your examination. Leave class if you only need to and with a reasonable excuse. It is a really bad habit to leave class especially you used the wasted time to do not beneficial activities. So, do not ever miss class without a good explanation.
                Next, do not do last minute studying. Do not wait for the last five day until you do your revision. Revise your studies the moment your teacher leave class. Doing last minute studies is not good for your brain. Your brain will be packed of things. You should have a relax when it comes to last five days before your examination.
                Moreover, do not stay up late weather you are studying, reading novel or even watching television. Sleep at 10 pm and you will have a great day the next morning. Staying up late is also not good for your mind and brain. Besides, if you stay up late in the midnight, you will sleep in class. And, sleeping in class is a really bad habit and you will miss some lessons. These are the things you should not do when you in your examination year.
                If you want to get 5As, 8As, 9As or 4as in you examination, the first things you must do is paying attention in class. That would help you a lot. If you do not understand, just ask the teacher. No one will be mad or laugh at you unless you asking the things that unrelated to your studies. And, do write notes.
                Next, revise regularly. Do revise at night or during your free time. Check your notes that your teacher gave you. Read the notes regularly. That will help you to remember the note that is very important such as history, science, chemistry or biology. These subjects will test your memory skills so always read these notes.
Besides, if you really do not understand what the teachers are teaching in class, get a help from your friends. Create a study group with your classmates. But, choose a positive, intelligent and friendly one. Do our study groups in the evening. Your friends will help you a lot and you understand better.
                If you still do not understand the subject, go to an additional class. Get the information about some tuisyen class that is really effective. Or, you can get a tuisyen teacher to go to your house. Get a friendly but strict one. You will feel comfortable with you r teacher and you will not scared to ask question to your tuisyen teacher.
                Make a timetable for your daily activities. For example, in the morning, you go to tuisyen class. In the afternoon, you can watch television or surf the internet. Then, you do your chores or homework. Later that evening, you can have an exercise outside the house. In the night, you can do your revision. These are the wise students’ activities. Make sure that you follow the timetable.
                Moreover, eat a balanced meal everyday. For breakfast, you can have two slices of toasted bread or, a half-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. We must eat carbohydrates for breakfast so, we will have enough energy to start the day. Do not ever leave breakfast. For the lunch, eat rice and side-dishes that contains protein and carbohydrates. But, do not forget to eat vegetables and fruit that contain fiber and vitamin. For dinner, you can have fried rice. You also can eat fat but reduced it. Here a good tip, eat dinner at 8.00 pm. Most people eat at 8 pm. But, Malaysian usually have their dinner at 9.30 pm. It is not good for our health especially for those who sleep early at night.
                Lastly, have an exercise every morning or in the evening, three times a week. Exercise is very important for your body and brains. After the exercise, you will fell refresh and active.
                Do follow these steps if you want to see flying colors in your grades. And, practice makes perfect.

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