Monday, 22 August 2011

Person That I Admire

Ain Maisarah Dalimat is a very succesful and popular yet talented young novelist. She is a 28 years old lady who lives in a condominium at Taman Danau Desa which she bought with the royalty she received from her previous novels. 

This gorgeous and fashionable novelist first started writing seriously in the year 2007 and her very first novel entitled 'Aku Mahu Popular' is still a hit until today. Ain Maisarah is also a founder of a Sekolah Sri Bangsar, an online school where her fans gather, find new friends and even improve their writing skills. 

Ain Maisarah originally studied Teaching English as Second Language (TESL) during her university days. However, after she graduated, she got married and her husband encourage her to write novels after accidently discovering her talent. 

At first, her family did not approve her change of career but after seeing her achievement one after another they become her biggest supporters. This has inspire me to be like her. I am also have interest in language, especially English and at the same time I also like to write stories. 

I really want to be like Ain Maisarah. To be both educated and successful in doing things she like most. She is my idol! 

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