Monday, 3 October 2011

The best gift

    Every year, I am lucky enough to receive gifts at Christmas and on my birthday. Over the years, I have received many gifts.
    The best gifts I have ever received was a laptop that my uncle gave me. It wasn't a new one, it was about three years old. I received it because my uncle bought himself a new one. However, it was the best gift because I had wanted a laptop of my own for a long time.
     My laptop is portable and light enough to be carried anywhere I go. When my family and I go away for holidays, I always take my laptop with me. It is very useful, for I can check my email, surf the internet, play games and watch videos on my laptop. Actually my laptop is popular with the whole family, especially when we are away from home, for the same reasons.
      At home, my laptop is just as useful. My parents and brothers share the home computer. Sometimes, someone will use my laptop if the computer is being used by others. I have learnt many useful computing skills using my laptop. I have made several home videos and a family digital album. I am learning how to put these videos and photograft on a website,so my cousins,my aunties and uncles can view them too.
      In conclution, my laptop definitely the best gift I have ever received.

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