Monday, 3 October 2011

Essay ( Take care of your fish )

  Didi keeps fish as pets. She started this new hobby after she sold an aquarium at her friend's house. She asked her father to buy her a medium-sized aquarium. She filled it with colourful pebbles and small fish. Didi liked the miniature swirling windmill that her father bought together with the small fish.
   Didi takes care of her fish well. She feeds them regularly, cleans the aquarium and changes the water fortnightly.
   Unfortunately, one weekend when the whole family stayed over at her grandfathers' place, somebody had accidentally switched off the connection to the oxygen tank.
So, when they returned home , all the fish died because they  couldn't breath. Didi cried when she saw her fish eaten by wild cat.
    Didi's father knew she was  devastated. The next day, he went to the pet store and got her new five fish. Didi was happy again. Since then , she makes sure that she checks her aquarium every time she goes off for a long weekend.

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