Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New schoolsports T-shirt

      Good morning,everyone. I am Christopher Nathan,your assitant Head Prefect. I am here today to talk about our new school sports T-shirt. The Principal and the teachers have decided that on Friday students should wear this new sports T-shirt to school instead of the white shirt or blouse.
        Let me show you the T-shirt. It collared T-shirt. The collar is dark blue and the rest of the T-shirt is pastel yellow. It has a pocket on the left side.The school badge is sewn onto the pocket. It is made of a comfortable cotton fabric.The T-shirt comes in four sizes -small,medium,large and extra large.The price rangers from RM9 to RM 15.The new uniform for Friday comes into effect next month,so you have about three week to buy your T-shirt.Please place your orders through your class monitor.

         The school uniform for the rest of the week,that is from Mondays to Thursdays,remains unchanged.

          Thank you for your attention.


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