Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Teenage problem

Good morning!! I have gathered up with all of you today to discuss a problem which is present in our life. All of you got children who are in the age of teen aging. My is mainly about the problems that the teenagers may face today.

All teenagers may get easily frustrated easily and this frustration would cause anger. I have asked several teenagers about their problems and found that the most available problems are the limited freedom and the over protectiveness by their parents.

The freedom. The freedom for teenagers is mostly limited as their parents would be scared that they would themselves to the wrong way, but the freedom should not be unlimited. Parents should let their children to have freedom but with some rules which will never bring the thoughts of being bad at any time.

The over protectiveness. The over protectiveness which is by parents to their children would make really frustrated alot. Teenagers hate when they are being treated as Childs when they know they are grown-ups now. They hate when their parents catch their hands in a crowd and other treatments like children.

There are other teenage problems too, like being wrong blaming by
Teachers in school and lack of attention by parents.

Lack of attention. If there is one thing everybody loves specially teenagers is attention. Nobody likes to be neglected. But because that parents always have the desire to make money, a lot of parents do not give attention for their children. Parents rather buy video games, toys and other things they feel the child needs. But the truth is that the teenager wants his or her parent to be there for him.

So please every one of you try to be close to your child and know his/her problems to solve them and reduce the number of problems they got and thank you.

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